A Key to Worlds (A Parallel Worlds Novel)


Nessa didn’t mean to open a portal at the bottom of her aunt’s garden, but her unique gift and reckless nature have an unfortunate tendency of getting her into trouble. Imprisoned in an archaic world, a chain of perilous events and poor decisions force Nessa to test the limits of her gifts. Can she find the strength and ingenuity to set things right and help her new friend James find his way home?

Pandora is a scientist trapped on the post-apocalyptic world of Alverron. A mystical dream compels her to explore her family’s forgotten history, and she can no longer deny the troubling rumours that people might be living beyond the planet’s protected settlements. Wouldn’t they all perish in the world’s toxic environment, just like her parents? Determined to find answers, Pandora goes against council law to explore her home world, and maybe, finally learn the truth.