The Ghost Moon Enigma (A Paradox of Time Book 2)


‘Where did that come from?’

Eric’s home planet of Valtera didn’t have a moon, but that’s what he found when he traveled into the future. A former military engineer turned charismatic time-traveler; he and Cora, a young Englishwoman he met on 18th Century Earth, have traveled together through time aboard his ship, the Equinox. After foiling a plot to destroy his world, he thought the trouble was over. How wrong he was.

There’s no obvious scientific explanation for the moon’s appearance…
Eric promised Cora an adventure, but this wasn’t what he had in mind. As they delve into the secrets of the so-called ‘Ghost Moon’, there is something far larger at work than their own quest for answers—war, and it spells a disastrous future for his planet if it can’t be stopped.