Time Heist is Out Now on Amazon

I just released a new book yesterday and it was my birthday (I turned 43, so getting older…). 😀 Time Heist is a prequel novella set before my A Paradox of Time series. I’d describe it as time travel space opera, and this book features Eric (but not Cora, as he hadn’t met her yet at that point in his life). We also finally meet his mentor Viktor, who was mentioned in The Valteran Ascension and The Ghost Moon Enigma.

Time Heist is available now, here on Amazon.com for $0.99 and here on Amazon.co.uk. It’s also enrolled in Kindle Unlimited.

Here’s the book description:

Before Eric saved his world, he was no hero. Before he met Cora, he was a man drifting through life.

Join Eric: a former military engineer, and his irascible mentor, Viktor: a former admiral, as they and their hand-picked team hunt down a rumoured vault of alien treasure.

They’ve acquired its hidden location from a criminal syndicate. They know the vault builders have been lost to time. It’s the perfect opportunity, and the chances of being caught are negligible, so long as they act quickly.

If only it was that simple. Prepare for a Time Heist.