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Jenna Edon is one of the authors in the new A Cursed All Hallows Eve anthology. You can read a spotlight interview here.



But it’s not what you think. 

I’ve seen what the power has done to my family and I don’t want to end up like them. So I’ve carved out my own path, separate from them and the old ways. 

I answer to no one and live a mostly magic-free life. There is the occasional snafu that calls for it, but I like making my own way, and doing so without having to use my power makes my life easier.

Then two sexy but imposing fae—Mekhi and Gavin—come into my life and turn it upside down. I’ve somehow found myself in the possession of a mysterious bracelet that they want back. However, when it whispers to me, I know that it’s not a mistake that it came to me. If that doesn’t convince me enough, it’s spelled to me, meaning Mekhi and Gavin couldn’t take it even if they tried.

They’re stuck with me until they can figure out how to undo the magic that is binding it to me. Only they’re not the only ones after me. 

A group of men seem dead set on taking me and I can only assume it has everything to do with the bracelet. But I have not come this far to let them stop me from uncovering the reason this bracelet has chosen me.

Mekhi and Gavin are less than pleased about the circumstances, but tough. They’ll have to play nice if they want to come out of this in one piece. And boy am I eager to play. I definitely have my hands full with both fae.


It was dark now with the lights off, but I could still make out the outline of Keri as she crept out of the bathroom. She paused briefly at the twin bed beside me. Mekhi was asleep and sprawled across it. She stood over him, trying to figure out if there was enough room for her to lay with him.

After a moment of consideration, she moved towards my bed and nudged me on the shoulder. She thought I was asleep, but it didn’t stop her from waking me. 

She tapped my arm again. “Gavin, are you awake?”

“I am now.”

“Oh, sorry.” She glanced around our small room. “Um, where am I supposed to sleep?”

“On the bed.”

“If you haven’t noticed, Mekhi is taking up an entire bed and, well,”—she gestured towards me—“you’re huge.”


“And there’s not enough room for me and your muscles, so could you…” she tilted her head to the side, indicating the floor.

“You want me to sleep on the floor?”

“Well, yes.”

“Absolutely not.”

“You are quite the gentlemen, you know that?”

“I told you. There’s two beds.” I shifted so that my back was flushed with the wall on the other side of the twin bed. They were small beds, but I was able to make room for her this way.

She gawked at me, but I knew she was tired. “Do you really want to wake him up?” I asked.

She turned to look at him. There was such a look of contentment across his face. “No, he looks exhausted.”

“Good, then, you’re welcome to join me.” I patted the sparse space I’d made for her on the mattress. 

She didn’t argue with me this time. She lied on her back, her body rigid as though she were afraid of our flesh touching.

I snaked an arm around her svelte waist and pulled her to me.

“What are you doing?”

“You’re taking up too much room and I can’t sleep with your sharp elbows cutting into me.”

She snorted, but stopped resisting too tired to argue with me. “Your wife must be patient.”

I smiled, looking down at her delicate features in profile. “I’m unwed.”

She gasped. “Shocker.”

“Are you probing for information about my private life?” She relaxed in my arms, my chin resting on the arch of her neck. “All you have to do is ask,” I said against her neck, my lips grazing her pulse.

“You wish,” she said, but the sharp intake of air told me she didn’t mind my proximity. 

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Hello and welcome, readers! We have Jenna Edon here with us today. Jenna Edon, thanks for visiting us.

How long have you been a writer and how did you come to writing? 

I have been writing since 2009, but I’ve always been an avid reader since I was nine. Over the years, my joy for reading evolved into a new interest and so I decided to dabble in writing. 

Tell us about your title featured in: A Cursed All Hallows’ Eve

It’s about a mesmer (Keri) who finds the gift of the fae prince’s betrothed. It crosses over realms by itself and ends up in her possession which of course means the hot fae guards (Mekhi and Gavin) come after it and her. It’s a novelette but exciting and fun and sexy! 

How did you come up with the storyline?

I love the idea of having a a mesmer as a FMC. I mean what’s not to like about a woman who can influence others just by touch? The possibilities are endless with a power like this so that is where I started to brainstorm. I also wanted to dive more into the fae world which resides in my Edonverse, so it felt right having the leading men portrayed by fae characters. 

Our FMC, Keri, means well. She has this ability but she chooses not to use it often because using the ability seems like cheating. She’s well-intentioned and conscientious…but maybe a little bit of a control freak. And so Mekhi and Gavin come in, turning her world upside down a bit, and force her to relinquish some of that control she’s trying to hang onto. 

What inspires you to write?

Readers and Books. I discovered my love of writing through reading books. So, I’m always reading.  And of course knowing how much the readers are enjoying my work is exciting and rewarding! As jobs go, this is definitely a fun one to have and I adore it!

Tell us about your other books:

I write paranormal romance and reverse harem. I have a vampire paranormal romance trilogy called The Hunted Series and a reverse harem academy romance series called the Dark Magic Series. All my series take place in my Edonverse which means the occasional crossover with some fan favorites!

Where can readers find you? 





About the Author: 

Jenna Edon is the author of the Hunted Series and Dark Magic Series. She enjoys writing steamy paranormal romances and reverse harems stories, reading, Netflix, coffee, and salsa dancing…or trying to salsa dance 😉

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