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C.D. Gorri is one of the authors in the new A Cursed All Hallows Eve anthology. You can read a spotlight interview here.


Barvale might be home to one of the biggest Bear Shifter Clans in the entire continent of North America, but shhhh…it’s a secret!

“Crazy” Maisy Daniels couldn’t leave Barvale fast enough after high school. She’d earned that hated nickname after telling her classmates she’d seen a boy change into a Bear just behind the football field! A social pariah and the butt of every joke in her grade, it was no wonder she’d promised herself to never step foot in that godforsaken town again.

But when her dad has emergency surgery, who else can help? Maisy returns home to find things are a mess. The tractor is broken and there are only a few hours until the Daniels Farm Annual Haunted Halloween Hay Ride & Spooky Soiree begins. Unfortunately, the only repair shop open belongs to the bane of her high school days, Arthur Lance himself. It’s time for Maisy to just grin and bear it!

Arthur Lance just opened his third full service garage and automotive repair shop in his hometown of Barvale, New Jersey. Business was going great, but his Bear wasn’t satisfied with a job well done. The silly animal was still pining for the one who got away back in high school. Burying himself in work was the only thing he could do to keep his beast placated and his human side sane.

Maybe his fate is to be alone as punishment for hurting the only female he’d ever wanted? His Bear can’t stand the thought. He’s stuck at work on Mischief Night, when to his surprise he gets a frantic call from Maisy Daniels herself. Finally, Arthur has another chance.

Will Maisy accept him as her fated mate when he finally reveals the truth?


Her eyes widened when she saw what Arthur was about to do, but wild horses couldn’t make Maisy look away as he pulled his sweatshirt over his head to reveal smooth, bronzed skin. He seemed to be sweating, and he grunted like he was in pain, grimacing and gritting his teeth hard before pushing down his pants. She covered her mouth with her hands.

It wasn’t that she was seeing a naked boy for the first time that had her so freaked out. Or the fact that said naked boy was one she’d often daydreamed about. Nope. None of that was as frightening as what had happened right before her eyes.

Arthur Lance, high school royalty, had crouched down on all fours, panting and groaning, wait, was he growling? Holy smokes! Yes, he was growling. He was like some kind of wild animal. Maisy gasped as she realized he was getting bigger, and bigger, and, oh goodness, furrier. She bit back a scream when he stopped writhing and grunting. The enormous, dark creature that was Arthur Lance turned his glittering black eyes on her and chuffed out a cloud of warm breath in the cool night air.

Holy crap! The boy she’d been crushin’ on had just turned into a Bear!

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Hello and welcome, readers! We have C.D. Gorri here with us today. C.D. Gorri, thanks for visiting us.

How long have you been a writer and how did you come to writing?

Thank you so much for having me! I began publishing in 2014, but I have always wanted to be a writer. I went to school for English Lit and Creative Writing, but I have been a doodler and dabbler for years. Raising my children was very important to me so I waited until the youngest was school aged before setting about to get published. This is basically my dream come true. 

Tell us about your title featured in: A Cursed All Hallows’ Eve

Hers to Bear is the second in my Barvale Holiday Tales. The Barvale Clan is made up mainly of Black Bear Shifters in the fictional South Jersey town of Barvale, which literally means Bear Valley. Maisy left her hometown after being bullied in high school for claiming to see a boy turn into a bear, only to return years later to help her dad with their farm and wouldn’t you know it, that same boy still lives there! Halloween is a time for all sorts of magic, wouldn’t you say? Maybe even the kind that brings fated mates together.

How did you come up with the storyline?

This is a spinoff series of my Bear Claw Tales and Barvale Clan Tales which feature the Bear Shifters of Barvale and their mates. I wrote a Christmas short over the summer and knew immediately when I saw this anthology that I would write another one of these holiday shorts for this set. My story is lighthearted, romantic, and most of all, fun.

What inspires you to write?

Inspiration comes from so many sources for me. I find it in my husband, my children, a song, the tiny little day to day nothings that a million people go through but for some reason get stuck in my head. Hopefully I don’t foul it up too much when I put ink to my ideas.  

Tell us about your other books:

I started out writing Young Adult Urban Fantasy which then developed into Paranormal Romance. Now with over fifty titles published, I have to say I can’t even imagine a time when I won’t be writing. Most of my books are set in the same paranormal world and mainly take place in my home state of New Jersey. I call it the Grazi Kelly Universe in honor of my first heroine, Maria Graziana Kelly aka Grazi (grah-tzee). Characters and creatures overlap, but each series can be read alone.

Sometimes, I get to play in other authors’ worlds and each experience has been unique and has enabled me to write a broader cast of characters and scenarios. My thanks to those wonderful authors who opened the doors and let me in! You can find me in MT Worlds and Evel Worlds.

I like to write sizzling Shifter romance books that are sexy and fast-paced with epic heroes, sassy heroines, and guaranteed happy endings for all!

Where can readers find you? (links to your social media, website, etc.):

You can find me just about everywhere online! Here are some links for you:

Newsletter Sign-up here:

About the Author: 


I’m C.D. Gorri, Bestselling Steamy Paranormal Romance, Urban Fantasy YA Author, and Creator of the Grazi Kelly Universe.

I’ve always been an avid reader, and I have a profound love for books and literature. When I’m not writing or taking care of my family I can usually be found with a book or tablet in my hand. I live in my home state of New Jersey with my husband, our children, and our dogs, Dash and Chewie.

I’m a busy mom of three and finding time for leisurely reading is never easy, so I write stories that are fast-paced, yet detailed with satisfying conclusions. If I thought making time to read was difficult, I was in for a huge surprise when I started writing! But now that I started, I can’t picture myself doing anything else!

I love writing powerful women and strong heroes who face relatable problems in supernatural settings! Read my books and watch my sassy, curvy heroines and sexy heroes find true love in one another.

Discover Werewolves, Bears, Dragons, Tigers, Jersey Devils, Lions, Witches, Romani, Lynxes, Foxes and even more Shifters and supernaturals in my PNR! Fated mates who find each other and always get their happily-ever-afters.

Want to know how it all began? Enter the Grazi Kelly Universe with Wolf Moon: A Grazi Kelly Novel #1, my very first YA/Urban Fantasy book that sets the stage for the universe I write in. You can also start my PNR with the Macconwood Pack. Pick up Charley’s Christmas Wolf today!

Thank you and happy reading!

del mare alla stella,

C.D. Gorri

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