The Valteran Ascension is Out Now

I’ve released my new book on Amazon. The Valteran Ascension is the first book in my new time travel sci-fi series, A Paradox of Time. You can find it here on and here on It’s also available in Kindle Unlimited.

The Blurb:
He meant to save everyone, not destroy time itself…
In a quest for selfish advancement, the people of Eric’s planet are planning to irrevocably rupture the fabric of the universe. There’s only one way to prevent catastrophe: reject his loyalties and journey to the past to seek trusted allies to help prevent the destruction before it can begin.

It’s a shame that time isn’t his only hurdle…
Stuck on Earth in the 17th century with his ship broken and venting radiation, Eric seeks a lost item that has fallen into the hands of his enemies. There’s more danger than he could have foreseen and his journey has caused unexpected trouble.

He needs to fix the fractures he’s caused in the space-time continuum before he can attempt to go home, otherwise there may be no home waiting for him. And when he meets a mysteriously familiar woman, he’s certain that he’s met her before, even though he’s never seen her face. He’ll have to keep her close if he doesn’t want to make things worse.

Time marches on, and now it’s stepping to Eric’s tune. If he fails, it’s not only the future that’s at stake, but history and the fate of billions.

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