Novels (40k+ words)

Red Astrea (The Shadowstar Legacy Book 1)

A Star Destroyed. A World Lost in Fire.

My name is Jansa Kell of the Spacefaring Caste.

A devastating blast wave of solar energy is headed for Helios Prime. Moments before impact, I’m rescued by my daughter, Sarys—a military pilot who came back for me against orders. When she loses all contact with the military, we have no one to rely on but each other.
We don’t know what’s happened to the leaders of our world or its military. Have they abandoned us, or like so many others, have they perished?

Alien mercenaries hunt us, but we don’t know why. Some of our planet’s survivors are spared, but we’re not sure if it’s a trap to ensnare more of us or if they’re targeting us specifically. As danger closes in, we must escape and follow the trail wherever it leads.

We can’t have a future until we know why our true enemy wants to kill us. With every move we make, they seem one step ahead. Our world is as dead as our shattered star, but we have to find out the truth and preserve our world’s legacy. If we falter, I fear they’ll kill us too.


The Valteran Ascension (A Paradox of Time Book 1)

In order to turn his world’s elite into gods, countless billions would suffer. Eric wouldn’t have believed it until he saw the evidence for himself. He knew he had to do something about it, before the corrupt officials on his world could rupture the fabric of the universe. He hatched a plan to prevent catastrophe: journey to the past to help prevent the destruction before it could begin.

While seeking out allies on Earth, his ship is hit by a shock wave and his temporal drive throws him back in time. There, Eric is on his own, with his ship broken and venting radiation. What’s more, he has caused fractures in the space-time continuum that he’ll have to repair before he can travel back into the future.

When he meets Cora: a mysteriously familiar woman in 18th Century England, he’s certain that he’s met her before. This leads him to believe he just might have to take her with him.

The fate of time and countless worlds hangs in the balance.


The Ghost Moon Enigma (A Paradox of Time Book 2)

‘Where did that come from?’
Eric’s home planet of Valtera didn’t have a moon, but that’s what he found when he traveled into the future. A former military engineer turned charismatic time-traveler; he and Cora, a young Englishwoman he met on 18th Century Earth, have traveled together through time aboard his ship, the Equinox. After foiling a plot to destroy his world, he thought the trouble was over. How wrong he was.

There’s no obvious scientific explanation for the moon’s appearance…
Eric promised Cora an adventure, but this wasn’t what he had in mind. As they delve into the secrets of the so-called ‘Ghost Moon’, there is something far larger at work than their own quest for answers—war, and it spells a disastrous future for his planet if it can’t be stopped.


Fire and Gold (The Sisters of Destiny Book 1)

The elemental sorceresses of the Sisters of Destiny have long protected the city of Kalle, peaceably tending to the faithful and reading the runes. Yet even their powers can be clouded or misled. When the Temple of Solitude is attacked in their absence, sisters Alexa and Cassia are thrust into events beyond their experience and training, as they attempt to rescue their fellow priestesses and reach safety in the city of Kelbani.

Cassia, a spirited fire priestess and Alexa, her calmer, less impetuous sister, soon discover the road is treacherous and dangers lurk in every shadow. Fighting against fear and suspicion, and their faith wavering, the priestesses find help from an unlikely ally, as in the distance a shadow of dark magic grows.

Silk and Earth (The Sisters of Destiny Book 2)

Silk and Earth continues the story of Alexa, Cassia and Knave as they set out to save Maeridea in this second installment of the Sisters of the North series.

Sisters Cassia and Alexa have found safety in the mountain city of Kelbani, away from the cultists known as the Nemorans, or Warriors of the Dusk, who slaughtered many of their Order.

Manses in the cultists’ power have the potential to wipe out all life on Maeridea and their intentions are as dark as the future, should the Sisters of Destiny not intervene.

Knowing they must reclaim the manses and confront the enemy, many of the Sisters including Cassia and Alexa – joined by their roguish friend Knave – go in search of them. Not knowing what awaits them, they must take a chance – whether on fate or mere luck, for everyone’s sake.

Meanwhile, back on the King’s Island near Kalle, Governor Cerus Arani senses shadows of danger lurking in the King’s court. Suspecting a plot against King Merrion and his forces, Cerus prepares himself as he anticipates trouble is coming.

A Key to Worlds (A Parallel Worlds Novel)

Nessa didn’t mean to open a portal at the bottom of her aunt’s garden, but her unique gift and reckless nature have an unfortunate tendency of getting her into trouble. Imprisoned in an archaic world, a chain of perilous events and poor decisions force Nessa to test the limits of her gifts. Can she find the strength and ingenuity to set things right and help her new friend James find his way home?

Pandora is a scientist trapped on the post-apocalyptic world of Alverron. A mystical dream compels her to explore her family’s forgotten history, and she can no longer deny the troubling rumours that people might be living beyond the planet’s protected settlements. Wouldn’t they all perish in the world’s toxic environment, just like her parents? Determined to find answers, Pandora goes against council law to explore her home world, and maybe, finally learn the truth.

Novellas (18k+ words)

Time Heist (A Paradox of Time Prequel Novella)

Before Eric saved his world, he was no hero. Before he met Cora, he was a man drifting through life.

Join Eric: a former military engineer, and his irascible mentor, Viktor: a former admiral, as they and their hand-picked team hunt down a rumoured vault of alien treasure.

They’ve acquired its hidden location from a criminal syndicate. They know the vault builders have been lost to time. It’s the perfect opportunity, and the chances of being caught are negligible, so long as they act quickly.

If only it was that simple. Prepare for a Time Heist.


Story and Poetry Collections

Other Worlds: A Fantasy & Sci-fi Story Collection

Other Worlds Collection CoverDiscover the wonders of Other Worlds.

This collection features four fantasy and science fiction stories by Australian author, Mara Amberly.

‘The Oracle’s Guardian’: Astera possesses the sight, and with some reluctance, she’s preparing to take up a role of Oracle for her people. Before her initiation ceremony, she’s given four days to consider her future and take some time out in the world for herself. She isn’t sent alone; she’s appointed a gryphon, Karulo, to protect her during the journey.

‘The Spymaster’s Dragon’: Princess Niera of Olys has become the new Spymaster. As she’s growing into her role, she’s ordered to kill a foreign princess who poses a threat to their kingdom. She soon discovers she’s been lied to and faces an impossible choice. If she fails to carry out her orders, the penalty could prove worse than death.

‘Planet Hunter: Taliesin’: Earth is overpopulated, its resources dwindling, and the Taliesin is one of many ships tasked with finding an alternate world for humanity’s population. They’re on the verge of success when the Taliesin hits a cloaked mine near an unexplored planet. Forced to abandon ship, engineer Major Marcus Reede finds himself in a lifepod alone; his survival in his own hands.

‘The Sea of Time and Stars’: Condemned by the Kerathi Empire after a failed heist, Cole Zorenn is dumped on an alien world in the past with no hope of escape. He finds himself in a strange, alien environment and must find a way to live there. He soon discovers he’s not alone, as the planet is inhabited by mermaids.

If you crave adventure and the strange wonders of Other Worlds, this story collection awaits you.

These stories have previously been published:
‘The Oracle’s Guardian’ in Myths and Monsters: A Limited Edition Anthology
‘The Spymaster’s Dragon’ under the name ‘Eyes of Amber, Wings of Jade’ in Dragons and Mages: A Limited Edition Anthology
‘Planet Hunter: Taliesin’ under Planet Hunter Taliesin
‘The Sea of Time and Stars’ in Mermaidia: A Limited Edition Anthology


Enchanting Whispers, Romantic Dreams: Selected Poems and Short Stories

Enchanting Whispers CoverRomance meets mysticism and beauty mingles with fantasy in this unique and creative compilation of poetry, short stories and digital art. Penned by fantasy author and artist Mara Amberly, Enchanting Whispers, Romantic Dreams shares the rewards of years’ creativity and brings to light a treasure trove of beautiful words and images, including the fantasy short stories, ‘The Forest Dweller’ and ‘Diary of a Harbinger’.