Other Worlds: A Fantasy & Sci-fi Story Collection


Discover the wonders of Other Worlds.

This collection features four fantasy and science fiction stories by Australian author, Mara Amberly.

‘The Oracle’s Guardian’: Astera possesses the sight, and with some reluctance, she’s preparing to take up a role of Oracle for her people. Before her initiation ceremony, she’s given four days to consider her future and take some time out in the world for herself. She isn’t sent alone; she’s appointed a gryphon, Karulo, to protect her during the journey.

‘The Spymaster’s Dragon’: Princess Niera of Olys has become the new Spymaster. As she’s growing into her role, she’s ordered to kill a foreign princess who poses a threat to their kingdom. She soon discovers she’s been lied to and faces an impossible choice. If she fails to carry out her orders, the penalty could prove worse than death.

‘Planet Hunter: Taliesin’: Earth is overpopulated, its resources dwindling, and the Taliesin is one of many ships tasked with finding an alternate world for humanity’s population. They’re on the verge of success when the Taliesin hits a cloaked mine near an unexplored planet. Forced to abandon ship, engineer Major Marcus Reede finds himself in a lifepod alone; his survival in his own hands.

‘The Sea of Time and Stars’: Condemned by the Kerathi Empire after a failed heist, Cole Zorenn is dumped on an alien world in the past with no hope of escape. He finds himself in a strange, alien environment and must find a way to live there. He soon discovers he’s not alone, as the planet is inhabited by mermaids.

If you crave adventure and the strange wonders of Other Worlds, this story collection awaits you.

These stories have previously been published:
‘The Oracle’s Guardian’ in Myths and Monsters: A Limited Edition Anthology
‘The Spymaster’s Dragon’ under the name ‘Eyes of Amber, Wings of Jade’ in Dragons and Mages: A Limited Edition Anthology
‘Planet Hunter: Taliesin’ under Planet Hunter Taliesin
‘The Sea of Time and Stars’ in Mermaidia: A Limited Edition Anthology