Adventures in Space and Time

Time Heist

Before Eric saved his world, he was no hero. Before he met Cora, he was a man drifting through life.

Join Eric: a former military engineer, and his irascible mentor, Viktor: a former admiral, as they and their hand-picked team hunt down a rumoured vault of alien treasure.

They’ve acquired its hidden location from a criminal syndicate. They know the vault builders have been lost to time. It’s the perfect opportunity, and the chances of being caught are negligible, so long as they act quickly.

If only it was that simple. Prepare for a Time Heist.

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The Valteran Ascension

Eric meant to save everyone, not fracture time itself.

Seeking their people's ascension and selfish advancement, individuals on Eric's planet are prepared to rupture the fabric of the universe. There's only one way to prevent catastrophe: reject his loyalties and journey to the past to seek trusted allies to help prevent the destruction before it can begin.

It's a shame that time isn't his only hurdle.

Stuck on Earth in the 17th century with his ship broken and venting radiation, Eric—a former military engineer—seeks a lost item that has fallen into the hands of his enemies. He needs to fix the damage to the space-time continuum before he can return to the future, otherwise there may be no home waiting for him.

When he meets a mysteriously familiar woman, he's certain that he's met her before, even though he's never seen her face. He'll have to keep her close if he doesn't want to make things worse.

If he fails in his mission, it's not only the future that's at stake, but history and the fate of billions.

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The Ghost Moon Enigma

'Where did that come from?'
Eric's home planet of Valtera didn't have a moon, but that's what he found when he traveled into the future. A former military engineer turned charismatic time-traveler; he and Cora, a young Englishwoman he met on 18th Century Earth, have traveled together through time aboard his ship, the Equinox. After foiling a plot to destroy his world, he thought the trouble was over. How wrong he was.

There's no obvious scientific explanation for the moon's appearance...
Eric promised Cora an adventure, but this wasn't what he had in mind. As they delve into the secrets of the so-called 'Ghost Moon', there is something far larger at work than their own quest for answers—war, and it spells a disastrous future for his planet if it can't be stopped.

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The Galactic Race

Eric promised to take Cora to the Cloud City of Asleth, home of the Galactic Race—an enormous event drawing crowds from hundreds of worlds. He'd planned to be a spectator, not take part!
When he's asked to infiltrate the race by an old friend, he knows it's going to be risky.

Kolman Dean is one of the most influential philanthropists in the sector. He's learnt that a shady organization is seeking to sabotage the race, so he calls in an old favour. One Eric is unwilling to refuse.

Soon Eric and Cora join teams from dozens of worlds at the starting line. If one thing is clear, few of the participants plan to play fair.

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