Author Spotlight Interview – Silvana G. Sánchez

Silvana G. Sánchez is one of the authors in the new A Cursed All Hallows Eve anthology. You can read a spotlight interview here.



There are three rules every witch should follow:

Never reveal your wicked nature to a human.

Never cast magic against your own.

And never, absolutely never, fall in love with a vampire.

I ignored them all.

Now hell’s broken loose, and the people I love are in danger.

I will fight, broom and cauldron, to save them.




“I don’t believe in luck,” I mumbled, trying to zip up my jacket, but failing thanks to my quivering fingers. And as much as I hated to admit it, my hands did not tremble because of the weather; this guy was hot as hell, and I’d never expected I’d bump into him like this.

He turned and stared at me appraisingly. “Curious,” he said, a slight frown on his face as he drew closer. “I thought all witches trusted in their crystals for good luck,” hinting at my clear quartz pendant, raising his chin a little.

He said witches.

Now that broke any poise I’d gathered so far. Flustered, I said, “How do you…?”

Hot guy joined me by the wall. He leaned next to me, his wondrous cologne slowly penetrating my lungs, clouding my mind. It was a glorious fragrance, like that of the fresh scent of woods after the first spring rain.

“How do I know you’re a witch?” he said with a low sensual voice, so intimate that it shot gooseflesh up my arms. “I guess you could call it a gift.” He turned. In this nearness, as his eyes fixed on mine, I recognized a flash of magic inside them. That and the hint of pointy fangs as he half smiled told me everything I needed to know…

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Hello and welcome, readers! We have Silvana G. Sánchez here with us today. Silvana, thanks for visiting us.

How long have you been a writer and how did you come to writing?

I’ve been attracted to storytelling since infancy. My first short story won a State contest and got published when I was ten years old. I haven’t stopped writing since.


Tell us about your title featured in: A Cursed All Hallows’ Eve

Midnight Kiss is the companion to my vampire series, The Unnatural Brethren. In this story, we learn about the lives of the Stone Witches of Kennington.

Kiera Stone and her aunt Prim run the family’s Teahouse in London, but there’s more to that shop than meets the eye… Magic and mayhem will ensue when Kiera breaks the rules that bind all witches.


How did you come up with the storyline?

I was inspired by the City, and an underground nightclub I visited once near London Bridge Station. I met some pretty interesting people that night… A few of them were human.


What inspires you to write?

My need to speak for all outcasts, because I’ve always been proud to be one.

Tell us about your other books:

My #1 bestselling series, Vesely Academy, is my latest release, and it’s available on Amazon. It’s the first Paranormal Academy miniseries ever to be published, so if you’re looking for quick dark romance stories with a paranormal kick, this is the one for you!

If you’re interested in twisted fairytale retellings, I can’t recommend you enough Once Upon Another World, a Twisted FairyTale Box Set. My story, Ash and Snow: The Curse of The White Throne, is featured in this box set along with twenty other bestselling award-winning authors, and at 99 cents, it’s quite a bargain! 

We’re aiming for the USAT bestselling title, so your support is greatly appreciated!


Where can readers find you? 

Want to find out more about me and my upcoming releases? Feel free to stalk me!

My website


Facebook page:

Fan Group:









About the Author:

Silvana G. Sánchez writes monsters with a heart of gold, villains who are the heroes of their own stories.

She lives in Mexico City with her husband Eric, twins Iker (†)  and David, and two Shih-Tzu puppies she lovingly calls her dragons, Wookie and Padme.

When not cutting eyes open in her practice as an Ophthalmologist, she’s known to write dark fantasy novels in her writing den.

You can find her lurking on her Facebook page and at the Readers’ Den, her reader’s group.

Stop by to say hello. She doesn’t bite—not always, anyway.

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