Science Fiction

Red Astrea (The Shadowstar Legacy Book 1)

A Star Destroyed. A World Lost in Fire.

My name is Jansa Kell of the Spacefaring Caste.

A devastating blast wave of solar energy is headed for Helios Prime. Moments before impact, I’m rescued by my daughter, Sarys—a military pilot who came back for me against orders. When she loses all contact with the military, we have no one to rely on but each other.
We don’t know what’s happened to the leaders of our world or its military. Have they abandoned us, or like so many others, have they perished?

Alien mercenaries hunt us, but we don’t know why. Some of our planet’s survivors are spared, but we’re not sure if it’s a trap to ensnare more of us or if they’re targeting us specifically. As danger closes in, we must escape and follow the trail wherever it leads.

We can’t have a future until we know why our true enemy wants to kill us. With every move we make, they seem one step ahead. Our world is as dead as our shattered star, but we have to find out the truth and preserve our world’s legacy. If we falter, I fear they’ll kill us too.


Rebel Psion (The Shadowstar Legacy Book 2)

Hunted by enemies who fear our strength. We’re taking the fight to them.

My name is Sarys Kell of the Spacefarer Caste.

I was a military Lieutenant and starship pilot, before our star exploded. It was no accident—our people were murdered and our world of Helios Prime was destroyed. I lost contact with our leadership and I don’t know their fate. I just know I have to help our people survive, no matter the cost.

We’ve learned who was responsible for the atrocities: the Acadian Technocracy, with the aid of K’zeran mercenaries in their employ. We can’t allow the Acadians to do this to anyone else, and they must face justice for their crimes.

Now in hiding, we’ve established a small colony on the trading world of Phinea Alpha, while we plan our next move. Some of us possess latent psionic abilities. My mother, Jansa, has developed hers. She can influence time in small ways, extracting objects and information from the past. It’s helped our cause, but she can’t bring back the dead or restore the world we’ve lost. We need to play to our strengths, and gain allies and resources if we’re to have any chance of success.

My mother has offered to teach me to access my psionic abilities, so I can better aid our fledgling rebellion. We know now that they won’t leave us alone, and we must fight in order to save our people. We would stand no chance against the military might of their fleet, but we have something they don’t have: the overwhelming need to survive, righteous fury, and cunning born of desperation. We will find a way because we have to.


The Valteran Ascension (A Paradox of Time Book 1)

In order to turn his world’s elite into gods, countless billions would suffer. Eric wouldn’t have believed it until he saw the evidence for himself. He knew he had to do something about it, before the corrupt officials on his world could rupture the fabric of the universe. He hatched a plan to prevent catastrophe: journey to the past to help prevent the destruction before it could begin.

While seeking out allies on Earth, his ship is hit by a shock wave and his temporal drive throws him back in time. There, Eric is on his own, with his ship broken and venting radiation. What’s more, he has caused fractures in the space-time continuum that he’ll have to repair before he can travel back into the future.

When he meets Cora: a mysteriously familiar woman in 18th Century England, he’s certain that he’s met her before. This leads him to believe he just might have to take her with him.

The fate of time and countless worlds hangs in the balance.


The Ghost Moon Enigma (A Paradox of Time Book 2)

‘Where did that come from?’
Eric’s home planet of Valtera didn’t have a moon, but that’s what he found when he traveled into the future. A former military engineer turned charismatic time-traveler; he and Cora, a young Englishwoman he met on 18th Century Earth, have traveled together through time aboard his ship, the Equinox. After foiling a plot to destroy his world, he thought the trouble was over. How wrong he was.

There’s no obvious scientific explanation for the moon’s appearance…
Eric promised Cora an adventure, but this wasn’t what he had in mind. As they delve into the secrets of the so-called ‘Ghost Moon’, there is something far larger at work than their own quest for answers—war, and it spells a disastrous future for his planet if it can’t be stopped.


Time Heist (A Paradox of Time Prequel Novella)

Before Eric saved his world, he was no hero. Before he met Cora, he was a man drifting through life.

Join Eric: a former military engineer, and his irascible mentor, Viktor: a former admiral, as they and their hand-picked team hunt down a rumoured vault of alien treasure.

They’ve acquired its hidden location from a criminal syndicate. They know the vault builders have been lost to time. It’s the perfect opportunity, and the chances of being caught are negligible, so long as they act quickly.

If only it was that simple. Prepare for a Time Heist.