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Air and Magick Book Cover

Air and Magick (The Sisters of Destiny Book Three)

Release Date: March 12th, 2022

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Description (Note: Spoilers):

Jarlath, the leader of the Nemorans, has fallen. His desert compound has been destroyed with elemental fire. His cultists are in disarray and seek their missing manse: a magickal object with frightening potential.
The dragon, Malachi, has absconded with the manse, as it contains the last vestiges of his mother’s energy.

Cassia and Alexa, along with a small party of friends and fellow sisters set out on a quest to reclaim the manse before it can fall into enemy hands.

The Nemorans must be stopped before they can unleash widespread destruction. The future of Maeridea and its people depends on their success. They are its hope.